The Original Filet Mignon Beef Jerky

While old school traditional beef jerky has a distinct flavor that many find delicious and reminiscent of how their dads or granddads used to make, this new type of jerky, created by Skeleton Meat, out of Texas, uses the best cut of meat - FILET MIGNON, and combines the perfect flavors of salty, sweet and tangy, using just the right among of black pepper to provide additional seasoning!  Skeleton Meat Filet Mignon Jerky is the best tasting jerky in the world!

Why filet mignon jerky, you may be wondering? You may be thinking that this is a waste of a wonderful cut of meat. However, this small cut of beef if known for being tender, buttery and able to melt in your mouth. This cut of meat also contains what is considered “quality calories,” or calories that provide more nutrients and are more easily absorbed. Although some people believe that a calorie is a calorie, nutritionists have found that not to be the case, and with filet mignon, you are getting better quality calories than with normal beef jerky.

Jerky made from filet mignon is also more tender than traditional jerky.  Combining all of these aspects, which already sets the cut of beef apart from others, makes for a more delicious jerky experience than you have ever experienced before, and it is healthier for you!

We marinate our tender filets until they contain the perfect amount of flavor and softness.  Our filets are also healthy for all members of the family, with no added MSG, no gluten and no nitrates.  We don’t even add artificial flavors – with a perfect blend such as this one, who needs to?  We don’t believe in additives that may be harmful or unfit for those with certain sensitivities to eat. 

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The perfect blend of spicy, sweet, and savory flavory!

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